Sunday, July 31, 2011

La Casa de Arbol

Two weekends ago we went on a massive fieldtrip to La Casa de Arbol – a 10-story tree house! Between the volunteers and the team that was here that week there we had a 1:1 ratio with the kids, so we each had a partner for the day. Ivan was my partner (this wasn't from that day, but I just LOVE this picture!!):


We spent the morning swimming at a pool there, exploring a maze of caves, and looking at animals they had in cages along the paths.


We took a break and left for lunch (no, the cuy (guinea pigs) were not for eating… yet, anyways). The kids at my table were served fish… and the fish was still “intact”, shall we say. It was actually quite yummy. We did get a kick out of watching the kids eat the lemons though: P1170810



After lunch we went back and climbed the tree house in the pouring rain – it was quite the feat!
(pictures to come of the tree house!!)

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