Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby Time

I’ve been doing “Baby Time” for about an hour every morning this summer. A month ago, I wasn’t too sure this was what I wanted to be doing, but they needed someone to be in charge of the teams’ time with the babies in the mornings, so I volunteered…. not knowing, of course, that I would still be doing it 4 weeks later. It’s probably a good thing it happened that way, because I’m not sure I would have volunteered to do it later on in the summer, and I’ve really come to enjoy having that time to spend with the babies, because unless I make a point to go to the Baby Room during my “free time”, I don’t see them much. And, oh, are they precious! These are the babies:


                    Amanda just turned 5. As you can see in the picture, she has a beautiful smile. She is so gorgeous!





    Julianna loves to be sung to and her laugh is super contagious. And she has the cutest glasses.




      Denis is a little heartbreaker – he has the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen and he has the sweetest smile. I’m hoping he will be able to walk all by himself before I leave!




I remember Frixon as a tiny little baby two summers ago…. he’s grown so much! Now he can roll over and prop himself up and “crawl” across the floor. He’s so sweet.



Diego is pretty small, but he’s always on the go! His hair was so funny when I first got here, because he had a mullet and a fohawk going on. He absolutely loves it when you blow on his face.




Moises is really quiet, but curious. If you don’t keep an eye on him, he’ll be gone as soon as you turn your back (guess how I know?). He’s still a little bit shaky, but he’s just learned how to walk by himself!




I can’t even tell you how precious Dolly is!! She has a special wheelchair and she loves to be outside and to listen to music… and she doesn’t seem to mind the silly songs I make up for her.




Thelmo is another little heartbreaker. He’s loves to cuddle the most out of all the babies and he just wails when you put him back in his crib. Sooo precious!





Esther is chubby! She pretends she can’t walk so that people carry her around all the time…. I didn’t realize that until about a week after I got here when I saw her running across the house. She’s quite hilarious.





Rayana is blind, but, to quote a lady from the team last week, “has the face of an angel”. She is super ticklish and when you really get her laughing, she blows bubbles!




Mishell is so funny and she’s always smiling. She loves to play rough and she’s learned how to roll across the floor in less than 15 seconds (so you have to keep an eye on her, too!). I found out this week that she loves to be tickled with long grass, bahahaha.





Karlita is the sweetest little girl. Like Esther, she pretends she can’t walk, but she really can. She’s easily entertained and she sings to herself when she’s in her crib.





Jacob Israel is our youngest and tiniest baby. He’s just learning to prop himself up on his elbows to make sure people see him in his bed!



Photo creds to: Laura Mathiason & Asia Barlett for some of the pics!

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